Sunday, August 10, 2008

Olympic Progress

This is my progress on Elizabeth Raysor yesterday while watching the Olympics. (Go Michael Phelps and Katie Hoff!)

elizabeth raysor 8/9/08
This is waht it looked like before I started stitching yesterday afternoon.


It is amazing how much time it takes to stitch little motifs. I do wish I were a speed stitcher, like some of the ladies on the HDF board. I just can't sit still long enough!

Speaking of the Olympics, are you watching? I am mesmerized by the swimming. I guess it is the home town connection. Katie Hoff is from harford county MD, where I live, and Michael Phelps's mom is a principal of a middle school in my county where I supervise Speech pathologists. I have always liked swimming, but this is very cool to watch. Fingers crossed for 8 For Michael!

Monday, August 4, 2008

Quaker Mystery in progress...

Here is the latest edition of Martina's Quaker mystery. I love stitching this sampler, but I got behind back in May/June and haven't yet caught up. mystery 8/3/08

Stitched on Vintage cream Belfast with a mystery spool of Vikki Clayton silks.
If I catch up to where I am supposed to, this should be a finish the last of August. I am focusing on getting a couple more pages completed today and tomorrow. And then, unfortunately, I am pretty much back to work for the year.

Hopefully this year will be a better year than the last three. I am trying to be optimistic. My CPAP machine is allowing me to focus and think a bit better, so hopefully the coping with stress with be better controlled as well.

Still rather be retired.......

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Makes you wonder if all those stories of Batman and Robin are true...

Is it just me or is that a weird place to fill a water gun....and I won't mention the trigger here.

Not much stitching these past days. DH is home from hospital and still not feeling well. Didn't find anything except some small polyps in his stomach which they are adamant aren't the problem. They are suggesting a intestinal parasite. I guess that is the diagnosis when you don't know what is wrong.

This is on my wish list for stitching. Photobucket

Monday, July 28, 2008

I'm feeling better!

Barbie's not as young as she used to be.....and I hope she has "wings" and love handles too!

Sunday, July 27, 2008

Just some works in progress....

Just a little WIP stitched while in the hospital..Quaker Row . Vikki Clayton Silks stitched on 36 Ivory linen.

And another: This is a Quaker stitcher's wallet by With my Needle on 32 Platinum with Thread Gatherer Tapestry Green.


DH Is still in hospital and they don't know what is wrong.

Saturday, July 26, 2008

Wadda week!

Back from old Cape Cod and bam! Things started hitting the fan. First we came home to what smelled like a dead body in the mud room. Opened the mud room freezer and phew....obviously the refrigerator had been off for most if not all of the week. Crabmeat, ice cream, chicken, etc all in....well you get the picture. Not pretty. I am thinking that I could work for CSI now.

After that delight, we had the awesome time of trying to get the AC back on. Blew warm air all night. Yes....right in the middle of the heat wave in the Northeast. Made us grumpy and grouchy right from the get go.

Monday am, DH started throwing up as I went back to work. I went back and wham! Got hit there as well. Two more resignations...ugh. Two more openings...ugh. Anybody want a job??

Tuesday, DH is no better, but of course, did he call the dr?? Yes, and he asked for directions too, after he decided he didn't need to hold the remote! Of course, keep in mind that I am trying to wade through the laundry 15 loads of it. Towels, sheets, beach towels....picture the mound next to the washing machine. But, the AC is finally fixed!

Wednesday, DH is worse. I tell him as I leave for work to call the dr. Assuming that certainly he would heed my advice, since I was less than nice about waiting on him hand and foot for the THIRD DAY! 3:30 I call from the beltway asking what the dr. said. Silence on other end. I thought it was the hail storm that was dinging my car and I had a dropped call. But no! He hadn't called again. Well, let's just suffice it to say he had called by the time I arrived home at 6:30. Of course, at 3:30 it is SO very easy to obtain an appointment for that same day, so he is still at home, hurling and making us all miserable.

But at least he had chatted with someone medical, okay so it was the receptionist, but she "represents" medical. Was told if he got worse to call 911. and go to the ER.

Now you need to realize in the 20 years we have been together, he has called me 3 other times to transport him to the hospital. Picture this......DH home in bed after 4-5 days of sick.....Me, I am at work 45-60 minutes away. He calls ME to take him to the ER at a hospital that is 30 minutes north of us. SO....if you are good a math you have just figured out on your own that 1 hour 15 minutes to 1 hour 30 minutes of travel time will be needed, just so you can have the pleasure of digging out the old insurance card and prompt service. Each time, I say " Hmmmmm, wouldn't it make sense to call the ambulance to take you?" . Response each time, "well I would be embarrassed " or "I don't want to bother them(!)" Each time, I am so dumbfounded by the "maleness" of the comment, I get in the car, prepared for the long drive to the ER.

So imagine this time, when at 8:00 in the evening he looks at me and says, " I think I need to go to the ER." my loving response. I think, "what an idiot" No, I think I said it, but anyway, rather than try and finish a load of laundry or sleep, I decided to shut my very large mouth and go with the flow.

So now, we get to the ER where everyone in York who speaks spanish is there using the ER as their primary health provider, as well as a couple who is screaming obscenties at each other, two babies screaming their heads off, lots of "leg and ankle injuries" and an elderly man who drove himself him (MALE!!!) after he fell and blacked out. You see, the waiting room was full and you can't help but hear everyone's story. So much for HIPPA!

After the couple arguing were hauled off by security after she belted him, one of the little kids stopping screamin momemntarily, the elderly man fell asleep in a wheelchair, we were there in the waiting room watching reruns of "urkel". Remember that horrible, yet oddly funny sitcom from the 90's?? Well, we were forced to watch three episodes before three families left, running screaming from the room. Wait, it gets better....then we had to watch some stupid reality show that was tame to what we were watching in real life. I almost wished I could lapse into a coma myself, but the child behind me wouldn't stop screaming. (We have now been there 3 hours....only stopped momentarily for a small cat nap...then rev ed up for part duex!)

I then look at my husband and I don't say, "do you think you will call the ambulance next time?" or even "do you think you might call the dr. sooner?". I take pride in that. I look at him and ask if he wants to stay or if he wants me to start searching for something sharp to make him start bleeding. Bleeding in the ER gets faster service, I have noticed. It can't be a trickle, but a real "holding a towel to it" type of wound. We would have gotten in then. (Make note to call my friend the actor to get stage blood for next ER visit)

So, as we all sit there hunkering down for a long summer's nap, a trauma comes in via helicopter. Nice. Now I am all about saving lives, but hey! We have been there for three frigging hours and the most entertainment I have it watching my DH hurl in the emisis basin. Oh, okay. We let the trauma go first. But, they owe us.....

So at 1:00 am my DH's name was called. I came out of my stupor long enough to say to him, "hey I think that's you!" and to starting running with the wheelchair towards a nurse who looks like she has just spent the last 24 hours working the ER. I can't believe....we are in the door! I feel like we have won the lottery.

Of course, the history is taken, repetitively, by interns, residents and med students ('s JULY !) and DH is now in prone position on the comfy bed in the ER where the lights are at least 400 watt and the noise is at least 90 db. Hmmmm....great place to rest.

Being so excited we were about to be seen by a real dr. who can make real decisions, at 1:30 we were left alone.....apparently to contimplate life. Dr. Came in at 2:18, but hey who's counting....and ordered the CAT scans, blood work and all the other delights soon to entertain my DH. Of course, that depends on the lab workers and all those other worker bees that do all that worker bee stuff that the dr. needs. Finally at 4:30 DH was hauled to radiology and I simply wanted to curl up in the place were his bed had been. I was now getting punchy....and hungry. I hadn't eaten dinner so the 1 ounce of Fritoes from the machine that cost $1.00 was heaven sent. MMMMM good!

I sit down and wait once more for DH to reappear so I can tell him I am out of there, because by this time, one of the students/interns/residents had made it clear that he was staying for a while. I didn't look at my watch, but left the hospital as the sun was starting to peek up over the parking lot.

Yep, we need some healthcare reform, but first, I want to take a nap. Obama or McCain, they are going to need some help. Oy!

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Can you say hurl?

Put the food out of reach, don't eat one thing, grab the draminine and watch this if you dare.
I found this on YouTube this evening doing a bit of research on ocean swells and hurricanes. Think what the passengers on this ferry in the mediterrean were feeling............

Off to Cape Cod!

Anyone that has gone through depression and managed to pull herself up from the gray area,should be allowed a well deserved vacation, don't you think? Well, because I was in that funk I couldn't think about planning anything new. When the cottage we stay in was offered to us again, I jumped (sluggishly) on it! We had a wonderful time last year, certainly didn't see all we would have liked, so why not? So, off to Wellfleet for a week of relaxation and rest. Really. Wellfleet is almost to the tip of the cape. The white tip is Provincetown, and Wellfleet is in the narrow part south of that. It is very quiet in Wellfleet, so we really felt rejuvenated when we returned. Books, stitching and the best clam chowder I have ever eaten! (Trust me.....I have had a couple of bowls of the stuff!) I am so stoked! Tomorrow is those last minute things and packing. Sheets and towels are in the bag and laundry "almost" finished!

I am meeting a cyber-friend, Marilyn, who I met face to face last year. We so enjoyed our meeting that we are doing it again! She took me to a local needlework store, where I was fascinated with the fiber selection they had! Town Ho Needlecrafts, I believe, is the name of the store. We are going back and seeing what new things I can get myself into!

I will be taking two projects. The Faith Hope and Charity Quaker that was put aside last year when the depression hit. I am also taking a sampler from the Scarlet Letter, Rachel Allen. I haven't gotten too far on it, but it is something different when I get tired of the quakers! I may take another small project to work on in the car.

One day we will be going to Nantucket on the ferry. Last year we went to Martha's Vineyard and enjoyed our day. My goal is to find a Nantucket basket for which I can design my own stitching band.

Those who have stuck with reading this miserable blog, I will be seeing you later!

Sunday, July 6, 2008

Happy Fourth of July!

Okay, so it's a couple of days late, but that is the story of my life presently.
Visiting my daughter, working irregularly, and the holiday have gummed up my plan. I wanted to stitch all day Friday and Sunday. Didn't happen. But, I did manage a few hours.

Pardon the photography....I was too lazy to iron.
My Quaker Garden, recieving one strand a day. I see progress from the last time, so it's working!
Quaker Garden 7/4/08

My Deborah Cockin, which is awaiting one over one work with the letters. I can''t do too much of that at one sitting, and I am waiting to pick up my new glasses this week to finish it!

Deborah Cockin 7/4/08

And finally, my quaker mystery, which was neglected for several weeks and now has a bit to catch up on...

Quaker Mystery 7/4/08

And vacation starts this Friday. So much to prepare for prior to leaving....dogs to vets for kennel cough drops, laundry, packing, shopping,.....not much will happen this week on the stitching front!

Monday, June 30, 2008

The week in review....

Not much stitching this week, as life was busy and I was lazy! I visited my DD # 1 in Ocean City MD, where she lives and works as a music teacher. It was nice to get away. I actually slept around 12 hours each day. I must either have needed it or just plain lazy! Geez....Up by 7:30 down by 9:00 am! I am getting as bad as the dogs!
A little beach time, pool time and crab cakes. But not much stitching.....

I worked about an hour on the quaker garden by Blackbird Designs, about an hour on Deborah Cockin, and about an hour on Faith Hope and Charity. after a little more work, I will take a picture or two to let you in on the progress.

Back to work tomorrow. Anyone else hating their job too? I have worked 30 years, and I guess my body is saying, "would you retire already??". I just want to be "done".

A couple of dr. appointments, which were just those pesky things you do after 50. The pulmonologist still hasn't bothered to talk to me about my sleep study, nor do I have the CPAP yet. Obviously, he wants to retire too.

Off to stitch.....TTFN.

Monday, June 23, 2008

ARGH! A vent!

I hate dr's offices! I have been waiting for my dr. to "read" the sleep study and "recommend" a CPAP for me so I can no longer have sleep apnea. It's hurry up and then wait. I have called last week, was told, "later on in the week. Well I waited patiently, and see, that went by. Now it is a new week and here I sit.
So this morning I call again...and no luck. Left a message. What is it with these people???!!!!

There .....I needed that.

Sunday, June 22, 2008

Satisfying Sunday

Work has consumed my life this past year, but today was officially my first Sunday off. I have to say, it was great. Coffee was taken with toast on the deck at 6 am (Dogs doing their "pee pee" dance)Perfect. Then back to bed for some computer time and darn if I didn't doze off. Again, perfect. Up to do some clean up the kitchen time, vacuuming the pool, and planting flowers. All pretty nice when it was completed. The kitchen looked great for about a minute, but it was clean.
Then, I was able to stitch....oh what a wonderful time! I completed a WIP. It is the Quaker Sampler by Threads thru Time. This is an interesting quaker, as it isn't signed at all, nor is it dated. It was found with another sampler done by Caroline Baker, so they are attributing it her.


I also stitched a bit on the Maiden of the Sea, by With My Needle. I had forgotten about it actually until I started going through my stitching basket. So I pulled it out and put in about three strands. But, and I am sure you have done this, I can't find the red thread that I was using for the lighthouse. Sheez....let's hope I can find it...because the half of the lighthouse I have stitched is 1x1! And frogging that....well, it's not pretty.

So I will leave you with some stitching advice. Zip your ziplock baggies, ladies!

Saturday, June 21, 2008

Ordinary Me:Q

Ordinary Me: Q : Quaker of course! I love quaker samplers and have finished the mother of the Quakers, Ann Grimshaw. Photobucket

I have several more completed over the years, but have many, many in the works, kitted or simply waiting their turn to be kitted and stitch!

Queen Stitch: Another Q??? How's that?? It works for me, as I do love the queen stitch, both stitching it as well as how it looks. I haven't stitched anything recently with them, but I understand a class I took in March with Ellen Chester has its share of them. When I get a couple of these WIPs under control...then I will begin that piece. It is gorgeous!

Stitching updates...

Seems as though I haven't been chatting about the stitching lately. I really have been working hard on some things.

1. Deborah Cockin: Worked in Vikki Clayton silks, spinach delight on 34 ct. Legacy Oaten Scone (one of my favorite linens) Close to a finish, but the lettering is over one. That will surely slow me down!
Deborah Cockin 6/15/08

2. Quaker Garden by Blackbird Designs: worked in WDW and GAST, which drive me crazy at times. Love the look, hate the knots!
(Picture's 3:30 am and pictures aren't the best at this time of day!)

3. Quaker Mystery Martina Dey: I got behind several weeks ago and now find myself about 7 weeks behind. If I finish Deborah Cockin......perhaps I will find the time to play some catch up. Worked on 32 Belfast with a mystery spool of Vikki Clayton silks.
Mystery 5/30/08
That picture is a bit old, but not a lot of stitching has occurred since.

4. Elizabeth Raysor: Scarlet Letter I started this about three weeks ago and have used it as my carry along piece. I have made decent progress considering that I haven't given it lots of time. Worked on 35 ct Scarlet Letter linen with AVAS.
Elizabeth Raysor 6/15/08

So there you have it for the week of stitching. A couple close to the finish line and
a couple with a ways to go. It is supposed to rain here Sunday, so perhaps I can sit and stitch and watch House.

Friday, June 20, 2008

Ordinary Me: P

Politics: Ugh! In reference to work politics, although national politics is wearing me out as well. When working, having to limit what you want to say because the person you are speaking with are friends of the "boss", or some manager or someone that impacts your future. I the only one left in American education that feels it is all bullshit?? I know I am not, but God help you if you speak against the machine. Everyone above me says "whatever is best for the children"....are they kidding???? Ask them about the money spent on their new office furniture, when the old is wonderful and any teacher in a building would feel it was "too good" for them. Ask them about the cell phone they have paid for by the district...ask them. I would love someone who isn't in the system to see what their rationale would be.

And I am not talking about money, necessarily, although that is paramount. I am also talking about the crap they are doing with curriculums, with state testing, with buying new textbooks because "the kids aren't achieving enough"!!! To disagree with these things outloud is political suicide. These people running the systems are not bright either. They are all trying to get ahead, so they agree with the boss at every turn. I pray they aren't so limited to think that what is going on is good!!!!! So why is it I sit in every meeting thinking that things are bullshit....doesn't anyone have common sense any more???

Do you think that ordinary me: R will be RETIREMENT????

Monday, June 16, 2008

Follow up to the sleep study

Last night was spent at the sleep center, trying to break in a CPAP! I can't tell you enough....RUN to have a sleep study if you snore and are always tired!! I haven't felt this good in about three years. While I didn't sleep long or great, the quality of the sleep was terrific. Obviously, I hadn't been getting the restorative sleep needed to feel like a human being.
I will be getting my own CPAP soon! Scary how excited I am about this!

Spent a bit this morning trying to organize some of my stitching things. I found some things I may put on Ebay, as I truly doubt I will stitch them.

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Ordinary Me: O

Ordinary: That's me. I am just an ordinary 52 year old woman who wants to retire! I live in an ordinary home, have very ordinary tastes and wants and work in a very ordinary job. I have a couple of extra-ordinary family. THey are exceptional. My oldest daughter is extremely talented in music; a soprano that can play or sing just about anything. My youngest daughter is ADHD, born a premie, has learning disabilities and is about one of the most challenging 17 years olds on the planet.
My husband is a great guy. Period. My dad is the most kind and gentle man on the planet. But me....I am ordinary.

Work in progress: Quaker Garden

This is my Blackbird Designs Quaker Garden WIP. I am putting one strand a day in this until it is done. Stitched on R&R cappicino (30 ct) with Weeks Dye works and GAST.

Ordinary Me: N

Needlework: I am an avid cross stitcher of samplers, a rug hooker, and a quilter. I can't imagine my life without some form of needlework. It amazes me that people see my work and comment that they could never do it. And I don't understand how they couldn't!

I can't remember a time when I wasn't involved in some sort of needlework, started at the age of seven. My grandmother was hounded by a seven year old to buy her a tea towel and embroidery floss. My mother barely could hem a skirt, while my grandmother crocheted, sewed and did embroidery. She understood my compulsion! I finally beat her down and she bought me my first project at our local "five and dime". Remember the old creaky wooden floors?? Remember those long aisles of assortments of "housedresses" and underwear? The sewing section had material already cut for the ladies coming in to buy "calico" for quilts. The tea towel was finished that summer under my grandmother's house. Showing her the finished product, I was so proud. Little did I know that you were supposed to only use two strands of floss.....and you weren't supposed to use knots! Bless her for not humiliating me and telling me that wasn't a possibility. I still have that tea towel stuffed in the back of my linen closet. I have come quite a long way.

Friday, June 13, 2008

Ordinary Me: M

Music: It's a very important part of my life. I have a daughter who is a musician and obviously she inherited my love of music. I love to sing and wish I could play an instrument. I have always wanted to play the cello;maybe when I retire I will take lessons.

Music brings joy to all people and it really is the universal language. I have seen very handicapped children respond to music when they can't respond to language. I have seen grown men (and others) cry at the swelling of a movie score. I have seen awkward teenagers relax when music began playing. Everyone relates to music. How sad that educators don't understand that music is the food that feeds the soul and that without it in schools, education is limited.

Someday, the Pentagon will have to have a bake sale to raise money for weapons and all schools will have ample music programs for children.

Thursday, June 12, 2008


Not the season, but school is out! This has truly been the hardest year I have ever spent working. Politics, staff shortages, idiots that make idiotic decisions, unreasonable demands, crazy parents......they all added to make a miserable year. "Only" 8 more years until full retirement, 2 1/2 until early retirement. Hopefully I will be able to hang in there until the money comes in!

On another front, I have been diagnosed with sleep apnea. I go for a second sleep study Sunday evening where they hook you up with a CPAP. I actually am looking forward to it, as this extreme sleepiness and fatigue (and irritability...and depression??) is really getting in the way of life. Hopefully I will be able to tolerate it and my sleep will be restful.

Stitching...well not a lot has been accomplished these last couple weeks. But now, being off school, I might be able to get some things done. I have been working on Deborah Cockin, which is close to being finished, Quaker Garden, Martina Dey's Quaker Mystery and Elizabeth Raysor. Maybe I will take some pictures later and post the progress.

Off to do some other things....enjoy the day!

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Ordinary Me: L

L: Laughter: One of my traits is my excellent sense of humor. I am always making jokes out of things, which has served me well over the years. (And gotten me into trouble, too!) I actually was told at one point of my life that I should become a radio jockey, since I had such a quick wit. My sense of humor is often dry and sarcastic, which some don't get. And of course, I am a public school employee....a sense of humor is simply a coping mechanism! Laugh on!

Sunday, June 8, 2008

Ordinary Me: K

The Kite Runner: My new favorite book. It is an amazing read. If you haven't read it, please run out and get it. It will be one to re-read over the years.

Friday, June 6, 2008

Ann Grimshaw finish!

Finished her in December and framed in January.

32 ct Navy Bean (because I can't see 40 or 36 ct as well!) and Vikki Clayton Silks (what else??!!) Indigo Ocean. This has to be the most enjoyable stitching I have ever done.


close-up ann's frame

A close up of the frame which is amazing! This picture doesn't do it justice.

Ordinary me: J

JUNE: That is what being a public school employee is all about. June. And don't forget July. Now that I have 30 years experience, I finally get to have those summers "free". It was always "going to graduate school", working summer school or both. Wow...a summer free! (Not that it is....I still see my private practice kids to make ends meet...especially now that gas is so high.)

It has been a long long winter. Trying to get the depression so that I can function again. Now that it is the end of the road for the school year, perhaps I can really return to normal. I have been stitching....finished Ann Grimshaw and Hannah Beeby along with a couple other small things. I will post picture of all the things later, but will leave you with Hannah Beeby, finished in February. I started January 1 and had planned to finish within the month, but it took me a couple of extra weeks.

Hannaha Beeby